Meet Tripi — find co-travelers for your next journey.

Nikolay Siabrenko
May 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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Hello, there. It’s first article which i write and my first project which i complete, so I hope it will not be terrible :)

About me

My name is Nikolay, I am from Ukraine. I am a student and web developer and as written in my twitter — “ CEO of something interesting in future”.

Small history

A few years ago I learned about such a site as ProductHunt, and then I set myself a goal launch something on PH. All this time i will try invent something interesting and helpful(Thanks for inspiration all makers from PH), but all the time I failed at the developing stage(usually the motivation was repaid or the topic was not relevant). And then when I came face to face with the problem, an idea came.

What kind of problem did I encounter?

Last summer when I started preparing for the vacation and looking for people who travel with me. And what happened? — All my friends, colleagues busy or travel with family or have the inappropriate budget for the trip. And so I decided to travel alone.

When I went to look for hotels and came across something that price per night if I live alone 95$ if two people 100$, so it’s first problem. Ok, imagine that you have a lot of money and you do not care. And then human factors come, you don’t have a partner with who you can talk, share impressions, go for a drink or even just make an ordinary photo. And every day your vacation gets worse or better, all depends on you, and this second problem. Well, maybe someone will say that traveling alone is not safe, problem three. All this I experienced on myself.

Resume previous: travel alone it’s — expensive, bored, not safe.

“A group of young people riding camels across the Sahara Desert” by Vaida Tamošauskaitė on Unsplash


Make one place where alone travelers can find like-minded people and combine their journey. Simplify routine tasks like find people, book hotels and tickets. Make email digests to inform people about travels to which they subscribed without going to the site.

So what exactly is Tripi?

In the beginning, it was for me a training ground in mastering JavaScript and VueJs, but now it’s something bigger.

Tripi is a place where everybody can find co-travelers for your next journey. It automates all the standard tasks before your trip starts such as find people, book hotels, tickets. Our recommended system can help you find that people who want travel on a trip route which you create. Welcome to the fairytale island Tripi — place where you can find your next awesome journey.

Tripi will provide a platform for all services in one place: find people, book hotels, and tickets, plan your vacation.

How will it be work?

  1. Find place where you want to go.
  2. Choose existing trip or create your own.
  3. Invite recommended people or wait until the people themselves connect.
  4. Discuss trip details.
  5. Book hotels and tickets
  6. Fly! Ride! Travel!

Currently I have 80% completed project, for me, this is a great result.

In few weeks I hope launch my project on Product Hunt, now you can subscribe to my upcoming page for to be notified.

If this post somebody interesting(clap your hands) I can write next part about tech stack, problems I have encountered, future plans and etc…

Subscribe on my upcoming page on Product Hunt —

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Thanks for reading!

Nikolay Siabrenko

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Web developer, Maker of

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