Why a remote team is better than an in-house team

All of us, especially our bosses, can find lots of reasons why an in-house IT team is much better than a remote team. Today, however, I want to give you at least five reasons why a remote team is better, and why your next project should start with remote ninja-developers.

The first reason is you can find a remote developer much faster than you can build an in-house team. Don’t forget that for an in-house team you are limited by the number of available suitable workers living nearby if you want to have them physically in your office. In comparison, the number of remote specialists available is much bigger.

The second reason is quality. Remotely you can find a real IT-ninja instead of a mediocre in-house developer. Don’t forget about that first reason; you can definitely find a remote-ninja faster for your in-house software development office.

The third reason is motivation. In most cases, remote employees are much more motivated than your regular in-house developers. Why? Because offshore workers are in the places they want to be; for example, home-office or hometown. Instead of this your in-house
employers have to go daily to the office and may even have had to relocate to another city, and this, in turn, reduces motivation to work.

The fourth reason is flexibility. In the case of a remote team, you are able to shape the team as you want it, at the time that you need it. Do you need a developer with a second program language? It’s not a problem with offshore software development, but it could be a big problem in the case of an in-house software development office.

The last, but not the least, the reason is a price. A remote ninja team is cheaper than an in-house army of unmotivated developers. You don’t need to extend your office and buy new laptops, you can save part of costs through taxes, and so on. All these opportunities are very important to all types of business but especially for start-ups, which have to count every

I hope that after you have read this post you’ll have a good reason to hire a new remote team for your current project in order to grow much faster than before.