George Vizyenos


Like an endless wellspring,

gushing forth in mountains,

my tears are flowing

eternally, in silence.

They soften the stones,

they plow strong marbles,

and through their deep grooves

there sprout florescent flowers.

Your mere heart

can not mellow, can not bow

it’s mere hard

so love won’t ever grow.

Γεώργιος Βιζυηνός



Σὰν τὴν ἀστέρευτη πηγή,
ποὺ βουρβουλᾷ μέσ᾿ στὰ βουνά,
τὰ δάκρυά μου στὴ σιγὴ
κατρακυλοῦν παντοτεινά.

Κάμνουν ταῖς πέτραις μαλακιαίς,
ὀργόνουν μάρμαρα γερά,
καὶ σταὶς βαθειαίς των αὐλακαὶς
βλαστάνουν λούλουδ᾿ ἀνθηρά.

Μόν᾿ ἡ καρδιά σου δὲν μπορεῖ
νὰ λυγισθῇ, ν᾿ ἁπαλυνθῇ
μόνο σ᾿ ἐκείνη τὴν σκληρὴ
ὀλίγη ἀγάπη δὲν ἀνθεῖ.

Oak tree

I was walking in the grove

talking to the trees, I rove.

Then, I found a downy leaf

a thorny shell, what a relief!

Belonging to an oak tree

with bendy branches, as I see.

On top of it, there’s a fairy,

That one day, I may marry.

Passersby are scared of her,

as her name Dryad were.


Nobody waits for you.

When I spin the circular moon,

you become an elusive

syllable of reflection

that leads to me.


Louiza Tzoumpa

A bear that commutes

to work every day in suits

has to remain mute.

Louiza Tzoumpa

A fox that counts stars

hates all the cars, but loves

one that goes to Mars

Louiza Tzoumpa

A bear and a fox

were sleeping when the earth cracked

they hugged each other.


Nanny says No,
Am I a billy goat?
But I prey,
I don’t pray.
Nanny says No,
Am I her quote?


He mumbles,

He is never wrong,

He is not for me,

He prefers to mumble

than to speak,

than to pour love

into my clear glass,

than to clear my sky,

that nice, clear, blue color

Of my brain pool.

Truth is a table

after eating.

Clear away

my unwanted words.

Darkness, do not part

Gloom the ocean of my mind

Stars, do not shine bright

Bitter water, veil his life

Suffocate my memory

My heart has a hole

I shout at her I love you

So many tears spring

Zoe Nikolopoulou

Translator, poet, sailor in Athens

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