Black History Month: Day 15

Janelle Monae was ethereal in the “Cold War” video. Everything was so simple, beautiful and brown. They used the first take, unedited, and I loved it. Seeing Janelle cry had me taken aback, but I appreciated the honesty and rawness.

The song can have multiple meanings and that’s what I love about it. We know there’s the meaning that fits into The ArchAndroid narrative, but over the years, I’ve read about others. The song could be interpreted as Janelle singing about her art or herself. One line in particular was relatable to me and my friends.

“I was made to believe there’s something wrong with me.”

I have felt that line in so many different ways: as a Black Millennial looking for a job and recognition for my talent, as a woman looking for love, as a Black woman looking for support, as a child looking for acceptance.

It hurts to feel like you’re not enough.

But Janelle asks us if we know what we’re fighting for. For me, it’s multiple things, but I know not to give up.