Why I Chose PR

*Originally posted on my Tumblr in April 2014.

It’s funny to look back on certain things. When I was a little girl, adults asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The first time I answered that question, I said, “A writer.” I was constantly writing short stories or coming up with ideas for characters and situations. Over the years, it would change from time to time. I’d say a lawyer or a teacher, but I always went back to some form of writing. I was drawn to it and I still am. So by the last two years of high school, I decided I would be a journalist.

I was still undecided about what kind of journalist though. I wasn’t sure if I want to write for a newspaper or a magazine. Now this was around 2004 and 2005 when I was all about Seventeen magazine and other teen magazines. I thought it would be great to share stories and other things that interested girls.

This led to me majoring in Communication at Mississippi University for Women (MUW) in 2006. While there, I took classes such as Writing for the Media and Newsgathering. It was when I took the Public Relations class that I realized I found the field interesting. My interest grew even more when I started working for University Relations, which was called Public Affairs back then. I began to love the work I did there, which brings me to three main reasons I chose public relations. This then led to me getting my master’s degree in it.

1. I’ll rarely be bored

There’s almost always something to do, someone to talk to and ideas that need to be shared. I constantly have ideas in my head and I’m always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and blogs. I have the ability to tweak what I find so it fit my needs or the needs of a client. It’s fun to me. The thought of working with other people and bouncing ideas off of each other to meet a goal excites me.

I know there may be moments where things slow down a bit, but I could use that time to brainstorm more ideas.

2. I’ll get to use several different skills.

I can’t think of many fields that interest me and allow me to use different skills at once. For example, when I worked with a small consulting firm, I got to do social media and create content for clients. So I used my interpersonal skills and my writing skills. This would work the same if I were to work for a PR or marketing firm. I’d have a client and would have to create, write and plan for them.

3. Writing and storytelling.

I’m a natural storyteller. I love to share something that happened to me or something I found online or on a tv show with my friends. When I worked at University Relations at MUW, I enjoyed interviewing and gathering information for a press release or feature then turning it into a great story, which added to the story of the university I love so much. I feel like this storytelling trait I have is what makes me an asset to anyone I work with. I can reach audiences and make them relate to a company or organization.

This goes back to what I was saying earlier about being a writer. I’m creating stories for clients or the company I work for by sharing their happenings. All of these things are part of what makes me glad I chose the field of public relations. I truly cannot wait to work with a company and be the best public relations practitioner I can be.