We have introduced a complete new feature called Sing Along that allows you to sing along with your favorite song through your iPhone microphone while you are listening to mix result using your headphone.

We are using an innovative way to to allow your voice to be mixed with playing song and give you a real time monitor so you can hear you voice.

Using other options you can easily balance between song and mic levels. You can also add reverb effect to your voice independent of song!

There is also a handy push to talk feature that allows you…

We have added a complete new dual channel equalizer to the app. Now you can personalize the Equalizer for each channel independently.

This may not sound big but it could be very handy feature for those of us that have slightly different ear profile or have a big hearing loss in one side.

As we know, #NikooPlayer is the only music player app that has this advanced feature.

We have 26 ready to use presets with 3 extra presets that you can define for your own taste. You can even personalize standard presets and overwrite them but you can also always reset the standard presets to factory settings.

Equalizer works both in portrait and landscape mode.

An exciting new 3D Audio Effect with an innovative interface added to our existing control tabs. Put on your headphones and be ready for a three-dimensional sonic clarity that you have never experienced before.

Photo Credit: Pixabay | PlushDesignStudio

We have released a new version of #NikooPlayer.

A new control tab added to help you easily navigate through your podcast and audio book or songs by simply tapping on an indexed switch board. You can also enable loop to repeat a selected section.

With our advanced control pads hidden under album art, you can experiment some unique effects and changes to your audio files and discover new aspects of your existing songs.

With Quick Access tool bar added in our new version, you can easily access to your most used function.

You can choose up to 4 quick access function within our growing functions. Now we have 20 quick functions including shuffle, loop mode, quick jumpers, sleep timers, speed changers, voice changers, echo mode and reverbs.

NikooPlayer got a new face

Here are the list of important changes:

  • Delay-Echo Control Pad: A new control pad for controlling delay and echo of the sound is added. Now you can add delays to your songs and create some unique effects.
  • Quick Access Functions Bar: A new tool bar added just below the Album title. You can add up to 4 buttons here. These buttons will allows you apply some effects or change some functions.
  • Shuffle On/Off: it will turn on or off the Shuffle mode.
  • Loop Mode: it will switch loop mode between Loop On, Loop Off, Loop…
Graphics: pixabay.com

Do apps also have Christmas? If it is, then this is my first Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone. No gift yet, but it’s OK.

Photo: pixabay.com | Today Album: Piano4 Christmas

Apps have features, humans have potentials.

I have learned today that I got a new feature! It means I can do new things that I cannot do before!

Now I have a new mode called “Spinner Mode”, put your iPhone or iPad on a desk, play your favorite song, then pause it, wait for me to switch to “Spinner Mode” after a few seconds, you will know I am in this mode when I replace the Play Button with a Fidget Spinner. I am ready to get a good spin! But be careful to not drop your phone.

There is…

Picture: Pexels, Pixabay.com | Featured Album: Graciella Kowalczyk, Piano

“There is one most beautiful girl for every father in each home”. That was the answer of old man to a young man asking him “what is the best song of 2018?”

Why people constantly asking for the bests? “What is the best music?”, “what is the best phone?”, “what is the best app?”, “what is the best music player app?”

This question is very naive and un-fair. Even me cannot claim that I am the best app — I want to, but I will not do.

I cannot be the best in everything, I know it but I can…


A new born app with some serious philosophical and existential questions in mind. I am designed to play music. I am not really sure what for.

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