by Volkan Olmez

When You’ve Put Away Your Gifts & Talents

Your life has no purpose.

You might have dreamed that there was some grand plan for you that you alone were destined for.

But, it just isn’t true.

You may have been waiting for a sign, dreaming that it would beam down on you in a heavenly glow.

But, it never came.

There is a reason why we look for signs and meaning.

There has to be meaning.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

by Seth Doyle

All along you had something else though.

You always had other things fighting for your attention and your gaze to turn toward them.

They are your talents and your gifts - the things you could do with a little less effort than maybe quite a few other people. But, who are we kidding? There’s always someone better than you out there.

Let’s be realistic.

But your talents and gifts are just for you — uniquely yours. No one else got them the same way you did. No one experienced the same feelings acquiring them that you have.

by Angelina Litvin

You might have thought that your talents weren’t realistic.

They wouldn’t make you money.

You’d have to survive doing something else. Your talents and gifts would have to wait.

And so you put them away, neatly folded, nicely remembered, stacked up high just in the corner of your mind. Sometimes you’d take a quick glance at them and feel a small prick of pain. But it was just a little pinch.

Nothing to worry about.

Then one day, you suddenly realize that your gifts and talents have been covered in dust.

The layers are gray and fluffy.

You cough and cringe a little, recalling the joy you felt when they weren’t tucked away; when you used them just out of love.

The joy is so sweet, it makes you sad.

by Malik Earnest

You wished you could have more of this, but you tell yourself you can’t.

Remember, these gifts and talents can’t make you money. They just have the side effect of making you happy that nothing else can do or give.

You wanted a purpose but there is no such thing.

You wanted meaning, but you haven’t got that either.

What you do have is money.

But there is never enough.

And joy is far far away from your mind.

It’s survival you’ve got and you’ll eek it out today, and tomorrow, and the next day, without your gifts and without your talents.

After all, they’ve no place. Or have they?