Is Twitter worth your time?

Amidst all the Twitter turmoil concerning its future there were quite a few articles about the value of Twitter as a service to businesses and individuals.

Twitter has been around for more than 10 years and especially at the beginning created new ways of communication, opened new doors to marketing and gave birth to a brand new ecosystem. However, it seems that the last couple of years it remains stagnant with no impactful new features. And this seems is holding it back based on the fact that communication needs change and with it marketing changes as well. This leads us to the question if Twitter is worth using.

The answer to this question depends on which side of the stream you are on. If you are on the audience side then you could use Twitter for flash updates of what is going on in the world. You can use it to communicate and participate in a conversation or even seek support from businesses.

Now if you are on the other side as a publisher or marketer then things do not look so bright. The ultimate goal for using Twitter is to drive visitor traffic to your website. Based on experience this doesn’t quite happen. According to Neil Patel only 2% of his traffic comes from Twitter while he gets 38% from Facebook. Twitter is been crushed! I have experienced even bigger differences reaching as high as 70%.

By saying this it is not implied that Twitter is worthless. It’s just not good for generating traffic. Twitter is good for news content. It helps getting flash updates of what is happening in the world. Moreover, Twitter search is probably the most valuable tool, since you can see what people is searching for and thus have an idea of what is trending. You get a rough idea of what the audience is focused on and begin forming your marketing strategy.

Twitter tried to make a comeback with live videos but lost its advantage the moment Facebook decided to do the same.

So the bottom line is that if you are looking to generate traffic then Twitter is not your social media service. But if you are looking for a quick way to know the news of the day then stick to it.