The Tale of the Travelling Fox

Sometimes, our spirit differs from what our bodies’ shows to the world.

Would you see, I once knew a little fox, brown as new wood a few days under a summer sun, which had an owl living inside herself.

This little fox had many conflicting emotions battling inside of her, trying to take control, to assert itself on top of the others. Sometimes that made the little fox sad, and the little fox was not good at showing and talking about her emotions. Sometimes it made the little fox confused and she would hurt itself and others in its confusion.

Well, it would just go like this and the little creature would not know very well how to grow up and be happy, but something amazing happened. And that was the little fox own work! You see, she was an artist. And an artist is someone that can put herself and her emotions outside of herself. To make her soul nude, at the same time transparent fog and a mirror of herself that makes others see themselves. Artists are powerful beings like that!

Look at that, every time the little omnivore artist birthed a little of herself into the world, she would draw a feather into herself. A bright and white-bluish feather, fluff and strong.

After many years birthing herself into the world, the little artist fox had birthed something else. Not on the world outside, but in the world within. She had made another her inside of her. And that other her was a snow owl, big and strong, wise and avid.

And the owl wanted to take flight and see and birth parts of her all over the world. And this is where I’ll let you go, for this story is already beginning. For the little fox and the big owl became friends, joined souls and are going to take flight and go out into the wide world outside themselves.