Sorry, Donald Trump, it can’t be infinity
Ethan Siegel

I am very glad that you can see through all this pseudoscientific interest that simply covers up bleak ignorance or even (or therefore) a medieval hatred of science and research. At a time when the interest in space and astrophysics is gaining momentum worldwide, at a time when people around the world have started to wake up to the apocalyptic (indeed!) dangers our planet is in, it is a great pity that NASA is showing us proud photos of signatures that limit its funding, cut its programs, and bring it under the control of Space Councils that include no scientists. I must say that I am rather surprised at some of the comments I have seen in response to your article, criticizing your critique: infinity as a location vs direction, he may not be the brightest bulb but…, he may be right for the wrong reasons, can no more exhale without being criticised (as if the critics are responsible for the exhaled noxious fumes)…. What utter nonsense! Are these people who read your articles or people who have these super internet machines notify them when their beloved person is mentioned somewhere?

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