New Twitch App is Terrible

Been using the new Twitch app on my Android tablet and just wanted to put in a few words in how terrible it’s been.

  • First of all, one of the most annoying changes is the subscribe bar that pops up at the bottom of the channel. The whole screen shifts when you touch it to allow the bar to squeeze in at the bottom. I know the whole subscriber attention thing is really important but could’ve put more creativity into it to keep me clicking that screen. Loved it the way it was and always clicking away to see the viewer count till this changed — now I’m scared to touch my screen. Would’ve been better just to add a faded version of the subscriber button right in the middle next to the count — would’ve looked cool too.
  • The info button is gone so now I can’t go to the streamers Twitter or Instagram. Had a tough time finding it in the subscriber bar by clicking on the streamer’s photo. New users of Twitch won’t even try to find an info button because they won’t be aware of its existence yet. I had to do a Google search to find it but I’m sure many users won’t — they’ll just give up and the streamer will be left with a smaller follower count towards their social medias. Again, should’ve left it alone.
  • You can’t type in landscape view. Damn, I don’t even chat much now.
  • The channels aren’t in order anymore which is really frustrating. I hate browsing through to find a streamer with so many viewers at the bottom with the smaller crowd. Just makes me wanna give up and head back to the top.
  • The channels aren’t in thumbnail view anymore. You have to browse one streamer at a time now. They’re big images so loading time increases for each preview. You have to flip it to landscape view to see thumbnails but they’ve still increased in size (and loading time). If anything, the size should’ve decreased to give the viewer a less sneakier preview to how pretty those faces look, then they would click more — better for the steamer to draw them in.
  • Some of the channels appear to be blank. I guess Twitch changed the way their engine chooses the random image. Sometimes I don’t know weather to wait for it or give up. Gets annoying.

The overall effect can certainly affect the streamers in the short and long run, therefore making it bad for business. One big improvement I’d like to really see is playing the app in the background. That’ll really keep me sticking around since every time I press the home button the app shuts down. Hearing the streamers in the background doing a Google search on them is a win-win situation. Other than that, I love Twitch and will continue to be a part of their awesome community. Just hate to see them with a downthumber app I used to enjoy more.