Animal abuse in New South Wales.

Lately on the news, you've all heard about the man convicted for taking some puppies into a bush-land and attempting to kill most of them before getting arrested… the time allocated for this abuse was dismal in comparison to what it should have been.

This man bashed 9 out of 11 puppies and received a sentence of 18 months… I’ll give you all a second to let that sink in… yes 18 months… not even 2 years in jail… with the offence holding a maximum of 5 years, which in my opinion is still way too little for the taking of a life, even though it’s not human.
He did this all without feeling guilty about it until he was placed in-front of a judge and realized he’d been caught, now I don’t know about you, but less than 2 years jail time for bashing and killing 9 LIVING animals is kind of disgraceful… that sentence is less time than some people get for theft or piracy.

The news report from ABC goes on to say that “Thompson had “no insight into the enormity of his actions” and an “appalling lack of empathy for the plight of each animal”… even after a report like that they still gave him an 18 month sentence…

Now I’m all for our government, don’t get me wrong… but if we compare these sentences to some of our piracy laws, where the only people realistically getting hurt is no one, there disappointing. Life imprisonment for piracy or 18 months for bashing live animals… I just don’t get it.

This man was already banned from animal ownership and had evidence against him that he was also on illicit drugs… yet still he walked away basically free…

The man had pleaded guilty early into the case, saying he COULD have taken them to the RSPCA, but his car was low on fuel and decided to slaughter them all instead, and not in a humane way either, he did this with a brick… a long and painful way for any animal to die.

This image is that of the one survivor to this massacre, a pup named Lucky due to his close encounter with death. He was undergoing treatment for some time after the attack, barely scraping through the entire time, only to luckily make it out the other end.

Lucky is on the slow road to recovery, she is learning how to walk on a lead after some time and even sitting for treats, with vast improvements to her health due for the future and an increase from here on in.

If there was any major change to be done about this, it would be to crack down on these sentences and laws a lot more than is being done at the moment, with a sentence up of say 25 years, people would hopefully think twice about running animal fighting operations or doing attacks on puppies like this man has. Canvasing can also be done reasonably and the limitation of animals being given away for free over gumtree to complete strangers should be stopped, as most sane people don’t spend money to just want to kill the animal they’ve bought.

The RSPCA has also said that this man should serve a much longer sentence, debating that an 18 month sentence isn't even the maximum available for a charge such as this, but with police setting the sentence, it has stuck.

This case was met with massive protests to 70 local dog lovers, saying that the sentence was way too short for what this man had done, with a sign saying that this was just a slap on the wrist in the scheme of things, and to y guess a hashtag starting up of #WeAreTheirVoice, with even dogs partaking in this rebellion, wearing bibs and signs for their “protest”

This protest is focused around the question of “How many more will die”, signalling that how many charges must be made before major action is taken place to try and prevent these abuses, with the protesters pushing for a maximum sentence and some even saying it should be 9 years for 9 lives.