Nik Savinich_on the Radio Truffaldino

Feeling himself and sense of space around. Eclectic styles. This is one way to tell a story through metaphor, atmosphere, melody, harmony, sounds, and all kinds of noises. Ambient and SOUNDTRACK — both style and narrative ability. Other related services and the means at hand.

In music, there is a ritual, meditative, atmospheric and psychedelic form of presentation of the musical material. However, I especially paid attention to the simplicity of perception. It is enough to cover ever. Music, in my opinion, should ovechat positive perception (though not all tracks major and life-affirming). The dominance of minor colors in combination with the mystic ethno-culture drives even static music. I hope my feelings coincide with yours.

All music on RADIO TRUFFAULDINO written by me.

Sometimes there are friends of mine. Although their original tracks unrecognizable.

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