Nik Savinich_Radio Truffaldino

A distinctive feature of this action — the avant-garde and alternative.

First of all — it’s the music!
Merging styles.
Sub-genre eclecticism.
Stories told by the light, video installations, sound noise, melody, harmony, dance, and created space.
Depth and conceptually.
Nature mysticism and ethnic music forms empower perception of listeners and viewers.

Music Nik Savinish attractive for its diversity and the plot, it is full of life. It literally watch the film with an unpredictable turn of events. And the music is not easy, but a philosophy of life. Everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of imagery and music. It gives powers to reflect not only our senses, but also our mind. You could say it is an intelligent music. Gourmet fine hearing and taste, people seeking a refined sense of taste in everything and even in music. The flow of thoughts and feelings of inspiration.

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