Driving to Morocco alone, really?

For the last few years my interrest in motorcycle adventures has grown from a small dream of Swedish forrest roads to dreaming about doing a trip around the world.

Time is for me the most limiting factor, I have the bike, I have the gear, I have the hunger for adventure, but as a entrepreneur it’s hard to find more then a few weeks off work. This year though I have take 4 weeks(!!!) off, not enough for a world trip, but enough to get away from Scandinavia and drive to another part of the world.

Plotting suggested routes so I have something to choose from when I am in Morocco.

Whats the plan?

The plan is to drive from Copenhagen to Morocco, use 5 days to get down there. Be in Morocco for approximately 10 days and then head back to Spain. Use some time in Spain or Portugal and then drive back to Copenhagen in a bit slower pace then on the way down.

That’s all I have planed!

But why driving all the way from home?

My dream of motorcycle adventures began when I was watching Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman drive around the world in the BBC documentary Long Way Round. I liked the fact that they started from home and drove into adventures. On the way they saw landscapes and cultures change, something you don’t experience if you jump on a plane and lande in a new part of the world as I have done on all my previous visits to Africa.

On this trip I will be starting from my home in Copenhagen and driving all the way down to Morocco, every kilometre will be on my motorcycle, many sadly on highways because of time-constrains, but I will see the world change in front of me, and it’s going to be fantastic!

Driving alone, are you crazy?

No I am not, well maybe, but not in this case (I hope).

I will be driving on my new BMW F800GS, I have just owned the bike for four weeks!

I love hours and hours by myself on the bike. On earlier trips I have droven my bike from Copenhagen to London and back all alone and I loved it!

When you arrive to a place with foreign plates on the bike and full gear all by my self people are talking to you in a new way, they approach you and welcome you to their country, when I drive in groups that almost never happens.

Safety is my biggest issue, what happens if I have a big crash in the middle of nowhere? Well first of all I don’t drive like a maniac alone in the Moroccan dessert. I drive slow and safe. I have taking safety measures by having a good insurance and always drive with my Spot GPS tracker and emergency communicator on. I will not go into extremely remote areas alone so if something really bad happens to me, I hope some locals will find me, what an adventure!

This is all I know right now, it’s going to be an epic unplanned adventure!

You can follow along on my trip here on Medium.

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