New way. China.

I went to China and spent 10 busy productive days there, took a trip up the east coast from Beijing to Shanghai and Hangzhou. In each city of this tour, interested investors and partners were already waiting for Basis Neuro. In addition, we managed to establish contact with potential manufacturers of our devices. Yes, the Day X is coming and soon everyone will be able to use our neuro headsets.

By the way, it was a series of numerous meetings and presentations. I negotiated and demonstrated the latest design of neurointerfaces made in our laboratory. Certainly, the technology did not leave indifferent anyone — our partners were pleasantly surprised by our devices, and some were slightly shocked by the opportunities they provide.

In China I managed to meet with the friends of the project from Tezzle, who continued their journey further and reached Hong Kong.

I definitely have something to tell, and it will be an exciting series of stories about how Basis Neuro spent 10 days in China. But first things first.