The most interesting is ahead!

When I first decided to build a world-class company, the first thought was that everything should be done well and qualitatively. EVERYTHING! From the paper on the desk in the office to the satisfaction of customers with our product. And the first thing I did was to go to the university. It was my second higher education — an economic one. The first is radio electronics.
This is the thought and philosophy that I carried from the stage of the idea to the stage of the finished product.
When the team and I decided to start the ICO no exceptions were done in the past and no exceptions are done now. Only legally and morally honest attraction of money, only good partners. Only the right investors. We did not start a public sale because in that case the “quality” of the investor get lost. I personally checked everyone so that the following ones were confident of the success and finally got the benefit that they want: satisfaction from buying, gadgets, shares in exchange for tokens, etc.
Careful work takes time and effort. That’s why we have decided to extend the sale and the work with investors until October. We expect the market, Samsung, HTC and much more. Unhurried and correct work leads to success which all those, who supported us, will share with us.