Setting up truffle dev environment

Start geth with rinkeby chain

  1. Download Rinkeby json
  2. Initialise datadir geth — datadir=$HOME/.rinkeby init rinkeby.json
  3. connect node to rinkeby network and start
geth --networkid=4 --datadir=$HOME/.rinkeby --cache=1024 --syncmode=full  --bootnodes=enode://a24ac7c5484ef4ed0c5eb2d36620ba4e4aa13b8c84684e1b4aab0cebea2ae45cb4d375b77eab56516d34bfbd3c1a833fc51296ff084b770b94fb9028c4d25ccf@

4. start ethereum wallet

/Applications/Ethereum\\ Wallet — rpc $HOME/.rinkeby/geth.ipc

5. Install truffle

npm install -g truffle

6. Initialize truffle

truffle init

after initialising truffle write you contract code and deploy using truffle commands

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