My present dilemma

I have been through times of life when i have felt little love, but these days are different.

Today, i am fundamentally in love with three different entities (the three of them are so diverse that i fail to find a better word than entities, which is extremely far from appropriate)

In no particular order them being (after all its love);

  • my work/business,
  • wisdom/understanding of self and human condition
  • my friends ( which include my wife/female-love and other friends)

Now every time i happen to have some extra time on my hands, I have to consciously choose.

This i believe to be the primary unsolved conundrum of my life today/these days, of finding a suitable balance between these 3 favorite ways of spending the time i have these days in life, which i believe is always the primary question/concern or lets say the most important question facing any self-aware free human, what should one do with his/her time.

But this question is a conundrum/dilemma-worthy one only when one is using “should” in the sentence, while, where one is free from the noises/fears of the head, one would only ask “what does one feel like doing in this moment”, and the intuitive answer to this intuitive question more often than not solves the mystery instantly.

Anyways, i am glad i now know i have been asking the wrong question to the wrong part of my system.

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