On why i am a Darwinian

Now i have been a darwinian for quite a few years, what a darwinian means to me, is, that i believe, we, ie. all humans, are also animals, and that we have the entire freedom to pursue our pleasures and whatever it is that each of us seeks or wishes to pursue in their lifetime. Now this also means that the human civilisation is a lawless jungle where each human animal shall and can do as he/she wishes/pleases to do as long as that human animal is willing to bear/accept the consequences of his/her actions. What that truly means is that i do not believe in religion, ethics, legality, morality, social acceptability or any of that bullshit that we have been taught/fed since our childhood to prevent us from being our true selves.

Now it is extremely easy for anyone to interpret two things:

a. that what stops/prevents me from committing crimes or doing unethical activities

b. that such a thought process at mass scale will lead to chaos and anarchy

both of the above are extremely valid questions and here are my opinions on each of them:

on a. : i, coincidentally, do not commit crimes or unethical activities for the simple reason, that if i do commit such an act, it brings the possibility of such an event/act happening to me in my conscious worldview, now the moment that happens, my worldview is screwed or lets say worsened and i have to constantly live in an additional fear of that unethical/illegal event happening to me. eg. if i kill a random person (ie. unknown stranger) walking on an empty street in the night, for no reason whatsoever, then that act, opens up the possibility of me also being killed by any random person for absolutely no reason whenever i happen to be walking on a lonely street and that thought would not have occurred to me in normal circumstances where i had not committed such an act and such an act was not the norm in the society. It is this thought, or lets say the benefit of keeping my head clear and fearless, that prevents me from committing any act which i would not like to happen to myself and the fear of being caught and being thrown in a jail.

This, i believe is, and should also be, the ideal reason for any man to not commit any act whose consequences are unlikely to make his world better/peaceful/happier place.

Now, it is easy for anyone to debate or postulate that most criminals in their head do not believe in the existence of law or ethics, yet they commit crimes and do not think about the perspective i share above, though i would thoroughly disagree there and reply, that they actually do subconsciously think as i have described above in most circumstances except the exact moments when they are committing the crimes.

It is very interesting to note here that most modern day crimes are not well planned crimes (except those by our elected representatives) but happen due to, momentary lapse of reason, ie. most of these are crimes committed in moments of extreme passion/rage caused by extreme deprivation/scarcity of any single or multiple vital elements of human existence, which maybe respect, love, resources, basic freedom of expression and a handful others.

Hence, the point here being that if we started living like this, ie. as darwinians, we humans, atleast the wiser ones amongst us, will be more freer, and hence will end up flying higher and witnessing more of our true potentials.

Now getting back to the 2nd point in consideration, ie. the concern of our society being lead to chaos and anarchy, yes indeed, in the short run such a thought process is very likely to lead to chaos and anarchy, but what is important to understand is that the present system has evolved out of such chaos, anarchy, lawlessness, godlessness and all those various lessnesses. And my contention with the present system is that we have kept the modern human at the backfoot, and confused and burdened him with these infinite conflicting theories and institutions of thought, such as capitalism, socialism, hinduism, popular-culturism, legal laws of the land, and so on, that the modern man is filled with dissatisfaction, guilt and confusion that he hardly ever seeks or rather dares to look into himself and ask who the fu*k is he and what does he wish out of this little lifespan.

But this is me digressing, what we were discussing is, that a consequence of these isms, is that we see the modern man/woman struggling to fit in all the time, in various herds/groups of cultures/institutions, and in process has lost the meaning, purpose and value these mental-institutions/isms add to his life, their purpose of existence in his life, while he blindingly, unquestioningly chooses sides amongst being a feminist, a democrat, a conservative, a christian, a cool teenager, an entrepreneur and fu*k knows what.

And all these frequently conflicting isms fill him with fear and guilt of not being a good enough christian, entrepreneur, tax-payer, you know what not, along with the stress of trying to balance each and all of them at the same time, and to make matters worse, he’s not even choosing them consciously, it starts with him passively getting influenced by dominating creatures/characters around him, followed by him trying to emulate their behaviour subconsciously, and his not-so-dominating peers noticing his behaviour and putting it out in words for him for the first time, and him identifying hisself with that behaviour mildly and then him in service to his vanity sucking and stressing up the rest of life trying to be a good worthy member of the clan/ism.

But what a darwinian perspective which intends to bring the breakdown of all present institutions/isms is likely to start, is a much needed and valuable process of inward looking, of introspection, of self realisation, where each individual has no preset/popular cultures, movements and isms to follow for whatever unnatural and external reasons but rather create/carve his own religion/philosophy/laws of life.

Now consider that, how powerful is that, when no one is told, “you can’t do that”. I believe there is equal good and evil in us, but in a world where devoid of scarcity and insecurities, in a world devoid of sentences/remarks like; you’re not a good enough christian, you’re not a good enough citizen, not a good enough feminist, not a good enough capitalist, and so on, we will see more good come out then evil. We will see people flourishing, people being their true selves, without any fear or judgement of being not good enough on a particular scale for the scales are now defined by themselves alone and no-one else.

Each one of us, is free from the other, like all penguins are free from other penguins, like all zebras are free from other zebras and so on and now multiply this freedom with human potential, human foresight and human cooperation and you get a society completely different from what we have today. And most importantly, you’ll see a generation of super-talented teens doing wonders and building things of the scale, the Elon Musks and the Vitalik Buterins are building today.

Now that is why i choose to be a darwinian, and i envision a world where each human animal is free from the judgement of every other animal, where the world is a jungle and each animal free to roam and do as he/she wishes, yes every now and then a lion would eat a deer or two, but aren’t we failing miserably even today in preventing the deer, not only in the modern world of isms, in our world of ethics laws, religion, culture and f**k knows what, are we not able to protect the deer from the lion but for whatever duration the deer lives, he lives in the constraint/fear of never going near a pond, of never roaming alone in the jungle, never discovering who he really is, and we are humans, we need each other’s cooperation to make life easy not each others ideas of right and wrong or good and bad

There are no more deers left in the jungle rather, we’re all only lions here and yet we walk in herds, always advising, judging and counselling the other, filling our heads with borrowed notions and offering them for free even when unsolicited.

Thus, this is why I choose to be a darwinian, refusing my allegiance to any/all human institutions; my survival, my happiness and my contentment are my only commandments, and the laws of adaptation encoded in my genes are my only magic tricks.