Be a Victor of Social Media not a Victim!

Unwinding the Myth

Like any medium of communication social media also impacts lives of its users, earlier the impact used to come from social events and gatherings, radio, TV, cinema and Internet. The format is different and offers easy accessibility. Power of media or social media is as much as we are using it because of direct effect on our thought process. Our sensory perceptions and expressions are based on what we see, hear or engage upon. Things that surround or come in contact with us by various means leave an impact on our senses. The very purpose of social media is not defined. It is a platform and one can extract positives or negatives from it.

Social media has emerged as an indispensable tool in our lives or its ardent users, more specifically. This is a result of increasing internet expansion across the Globe plus the advanced marketing strategies used by the service providers with constant updates and innovative features, gripping our taste instantly. Quick reactions, conversations, responses, and meeting with unknown people make the platform more interesting! There is no random experiment behind such feature upgrades in fact it is a well research and orchestrated move after sincere study of human behavior, likes and dislikes.

The canvas is larger than life with very limited boundaries, which makes it an effective tool of communication, express our thoughts; connect with like minded people, communities @one click. The basic issue with social media is that its user base is not defined and varies from a five year old kid to an 80 year old man. Second, the authenticity of the content is subjected to our intellect, which is not everyone’s copyright. We develop it as we grow up in life.

There are very useful information is available on social media, which give us crucial links or posts that are helpful in many aspects of life be it health, well being, governance, good initiatives, campaigns and some inspiring developments in text and visual form. On the other hand it has a dark side too reflecting crime, violence, fake & misleading information, disgusting posts, personal abuse etc. But most of these events are happening around us in real world too.

Social media has empowered a person to communicate his/her thoughts to the top most level or the person sitting at last mile. There is various governance issues are being addressed through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram or App. Social networking also helps people to interact in similar interest groups or people, which is again a good sign for communities. On the other hand, addiction to social media is also hampering the health of children and dedicated users due to 24/7 engagement on these platforms. So people who use it cautiously are there; who overuse it are also there; and who don’t even heard the name of social media exists! So it’s a matter of choice, availability and interest. Human being can’t stay in one condition for long, so with time this will also change; then something new will come and this will become a thing of passé. People are often skeptical about their privacy and data, but it is you only who update status every five minutes. If I am throwing my life into the public domain then how can it be private? There are both pros and cons of it.

Excess of everything is bad, so is use of social media! Each and every coin has two sides, it’s solely on our discretion, which side we what to see, access, or make use of. We can’t blame a source of content or platform for our doings or take away. How much time and energy we put in a task or engage with an event the equivalent impact we receive. We need to use same mind and psychology, which is affected by the content of social media, to strike a balance towards the new age medium.

Be a Victor of Social Media not a Victim!