OC of the day: Greene

I’ve had a gin and tonic and I’ve decided to start a new project. Having boasted 500 relevant characters since I was 8 years old, learned what a graphic novelist was, and wanted some of that, I have little to show for it. I don’t have a finished website. I don’t have a tidy portfolio. I have a degree, and far too many years. But that’s enough of that. It’s time for my characters to be judged on the judgiest site I have seen since Tumblr. I offer them as objectively as I can.

The first will be from a hentai game I never finished and who I bought a doll of, and also never finished. Greene.

First, let’s draw her.

Or, well, redraw her. On paper. Here’s her references.

Concept for Greene as a Nan-Sook doll.
The Demonia’s Likeness

And now, marker. After drinking. A half an hour. Each time, I’ll do this, from whatever minimal references I have hanging around.

Greene the Demonia, created around 2003. Rework, 8/29/2017. Pen and marker on 9x12 paper.

Here she is, pigeon-toed, with an incomprehensible figure, huge woolly hair and a dot for a nose.

The main heroine of the game that was never made, I made what I thought was cute, generic, and not over the top. This is what I consider not over the top.

More to come.

Let’s see if I can do this… two days in a row.*