A Week with the BeatsX

Some of the best earbuds I’ve ever had, hands down.

There are no strings on me.

About a week ago, I bought the latest in the Apple’s push for the new wireless earbud line. I was interested in changing up my listening and with my iPhone 7, it didn’t seem like a bad call.

At the Apple Store, I briefly checked out the Airpods, but a few massive things stuck out at me that pushed me away from them:

  • I really don’t like the fit of Apple’s earbuds in general
  • I needed something I could rely on for running

They may seem like minor things, but I do admit, I am picky on the fit of earbuds in particular. When the Airpods came out, I was heavily considering them, but realized there may be another option on the way that I could potentially take.

A couple months later and I’m using one of the best earbuds I’ve ever purchased. For the sound quality, fit, compact fit, and overall functionality, it was well worth a purchase. If you’re not an Airpod fan, maybe after an initial purchase or you want something that may be a little easier to hold together (rather than 2 separate ‘buds), then the BeatsX are perfect.

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