Thoughts on Live Streaming

I’ve seen a lot of opinions, so I’ll share a bit of what I’ve seen.

I feel at one point, livestreaming was just a big engagement plot. The goal was to get as many viewers and supposedly, much like Youtube, build an audience from scratch to build your personal brand. Maybe that’s what is used to be, but now we’ve come to a new era, the era of oversaturation. People are streaming…a lot.

I think it’s safe to break down the different types of livestreams these days…

  • Celebrities
  • Those streaming just for friends
  • Those just streaming and don’t care who’s watching (Perhaps major events)

I think Periscope had something going, and I know there’s a big ecosystem around it, but as a passive user of Twitter, with Periscope’s integration, I don’t need the app. All I watch are streams from people who I know or if there’s a major event. But major events or something cool doesn’t really happen much, so I just feel like I don’t need an app of the same kind of content with a lack of excitement. The only real livestreaming type I follow closely, or somewhat more attentively than the rest are just streams from friends, and it’s never really on Twitter or Facebook, but Instagram. It’s cool, my friends have something cool their up to, I’ll follow along, comment, interact, and they’ll interact back.


I think I have to agree with a group that thinks live streaming is pretty boring on the surface. I know Youtubers and Twitch streamers can make money and really build powerful and active audiences, but Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Live? Unless you’re in the celebrity/influencer category, I don’t see it. If you did something like a vlogger and tried daily streams, vlogs are about the full day, they have production. This would just be shaky footage of someone walking around a city. There isn’t much interesting in terms of being live influencers and more. It’s a really interesting form of content, and I understand the popularity, but as mentioned before, I think it’s not really about becoming an influencer from “producing/creating” live content. It’s really more about creating a different way to communicate to a large group of friends at once, and I think that’s how it’s going to stay.