Top 20 and Most Popular Graphic Design Websites to Submit Your Design Work

To be a sought after graphic designer you will have to keep on building your profile and stretch out/showcase online work regularly. This is a very important aspect of marketing your skills. This strategy will surely be helpful in the long run of the graphic designing field. Strategizing properly and regularly will bring lots of clients to your table front. You will also be able to bag some good projects which will surely secure your job. Bringing a wide range of audience to your lap is something which will surely build your popularity. For gaining that sought of popularity posting your latest designs via social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram is not enough, you will have to step ahead by switching to other channels like online magazines and blogs.

There is large numbers of sites that brand stand their skills with best brand identities, new typefaces, and packaging designs. Now, if you want to feature your designing skills, you will be confused, where to submit your work? Or where to put extra efforts? In order to help you, we have shortlisted the 20 best graphic designing blogs.

But before jumping into those sites I would like to give you some suggestions regarding the skills that you are going to brandish in the market. The following suggestions are:

  • Start Fresh with Each Blog

Just sending an elaborate email and expecting it to be published is a sheer stupidity. You will have to give a crisp and clear idea of your skills. All the sites have their own submission guidelines just follow them and prepare your portfolio keeping those guidelines in your mind. For example, some sites would want a certain image in your portfolio and some others would like to have a link attached to that place.

  • Checkout The Existing Content

Before publishing the content you should go through the existing contents in the site and check whether it is a perfect match or not. Then finally prepare your content in a manner that the publisher gets attracted or impressed and decides to publish your content.

  • Eye Catchy Email Subject

Always put an email subject that is eye catchy. If your subject is not eye catchy it’s sure that they are going to trash it. But if you are going to add some humor to it then it is a sure thing that they would get interested to take a glimpse on it. This kind of small attractive things will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

  • Build Your Connection with Bloggers and Journalists

Building connections is a very important aspect in any field. This is same with your field also, so before approaching the Blogger or the Journalist with your work make sure that you have created a rapport. Doing so will help you with the chances of getting noticed. So in order to make this happen follow them on Twitter as well as on the blog that they have created. Showing off your existence will surely make you noticed.

Now let’s get started with the top 20 graphic design blogs in which you can post your skills to get noticed. I will also give you tips on submitting your designs in each site:

  1. It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is a creative inspiration to all the graphic designers. They always support emerging talent on their sites. They give chance to submit your design skills by filling a simple online form.

2. Zop Graphics

Zop Graphics is a newly launched site for designers. If you want to explore something new and want to work without any boundaries then you should check out this site for sure. You can work independently on this site. What you have to do is simply register to this site and get yourself started.

3. The Design Blog

The Design Blog is an encouragement to all the young designers who want to thrive in their field of expertise. This blog is designed by Ena Baćanović- a designer based in Zagreb Croatia. It is the platform which has the designers and design studios from all over the world. If you want to be a good designer and not be just a designer then simply fill the online form following the submission guidelines.

4. Abduzeedo

Articles on architecture, design, photography and UX is collectively shared in Abduzeedo. It was founded by Fabio Sasso. It grew to a digital publication with writers from all over the world in a span of just 10 years. It is among the most coveted blogs on the web. To get into the eyes of people follow Fabio Sasso on Behance and display your work with ease.

5. Creative Boom

Creative Boom is an online Magazine established in 2009. It supports the creative community whether at work or at play by sharing the very best ideas for a super creative life. There is an elaborate description of the submission guidelines that you will have to follow for submitting your own design project.

6. The Brand Identity

The Brand Identity is a platform which assists the finest designers to showcase their skills in the creative world. If you are among the one who wants to get yourself featured then what you have to do is simply contact their friendly team at or simply send a message on Instagram or Twitter.

7. Minimalissimo

Minimalissimo is the exploration of the basic creative designs that aims to showcase the best in the field of design. They publish a daily article on art, architecture, fashion, furniture and product design which delivers an opportunity to understand Minimalissimo in a better way. If the work of yours is simple yet attractive then give your valuable suggestion by simply sharing a link which shows the skills of your work.

8. DeMilked

DeMilked makes the best art shake with all new and creative art, design and photography that is delivered to ignite all the creative minds. This vibrant source of inspiration is a stepping stone to all the artists which will bring out the outrageous ideas that will surely take them to the next dimension of creativity. In order to explore this site you will have to sign up and register on this site and then finally you will be able to upload design works you created.

9. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love was launched as a side project by David Airey in 2008. It is devoted to designing logos and brand identities. It is updated once or twice a week. To get yourself noticed and getting your work featured stay in touch to this website by following it on Facebook or Twitter and also by delivering some message as a continuous visitor.

10. Dexigner

Dexigner is a jack of all trades. It is a leading portal for all kinds of the trade from designers, architects, illustrators, engineers and artists to all kind of creative jobs. It was founded in the year 2001 to publish latest design news, events, competitions, books and resources. Contact Isil Oygur via so that you can showcase your skills using this platform.

11. Designer Daily

Designer Daily is launched by Mirko Humbert a swiss graphic and web designer. He shares his thoughts on design, resources, and tips for designers. He also does design jobs like — logo design, book cover, books or ebooks layouts, brochure creation, flyer or poster design, PSD layout for a website, WordPress etc. To connect yourself with this site you can follow Mirko Humbert on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Behance.

12. Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is among the best creative platform that showcases the talent of art, design, illustration, typography, architecture, fashion and more from around the world. You can reach out to sell your work at or send your tweet via @inspirationgrid.

13. Graphic Exchange

Graphic Exchange is a well known online venue for graphic designers. Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer who attracts clients from around the world with his innovative and unique designs. He considers professional relationship and creative idea exchange as the most important aspect to achieve a project. This site will help you to reach to the next level if you send your skills to

14. Designspiration

Designspiration was established in early 2010 by Shelby White where you can share and inspire the whole world with the help of your design skills. You can get started by creating an account and start saving the designs you like or upload the design that you have created.

15. Good Design Makes Me Happy

Good Design Makes Me Happy (GDMMH) was founded by a graphic designer Hannah Dollery as an inspirational journal in the year 2009. It has now become a daily read for many designers around the world. If you wish to publish your project in her blog then follow Hannah on @hannahdollery and let her notice your work.

16. Design Clever

Design Clever was started by Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker which is one of the best publications you can follow, admire and get inspired by. They are always happy to share the work worth appreciating. If you want to get acknowledged for the design skills you have then you can submit your work in the online form of this site.

17. Eye On Design

Eye On Design is a part of AIGA. AIGA — American Institute of Graphic Design is the professional association for design which is ancient and the largest professional membership organization established in the year 1914. Eye On Design works for the world’s leading, emerging and established designers. You can stay in touch by getting connected to the contributor’s blog.

18. The Dieline

The Dieline was established in the year 2007. Now, it has become the world’s most visited packaging design website. The Deadline is the premiere resource in the industry for recognizable, trusted and valuable design content. You can submit an online form by filling the work details using the submission manager.

19. We and The Color

We and The Color was founded by Dirk Petzold in the year 2010. It is used to promote outstanding ideas of artists and designers from around the world. Creativity has no bounds with We and the Color. It focuses on the varied fields like art, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, animation and filmmaking. You can put forward your work by emailing the editorial team at

20. Creative Roots

Creative Roots is an ever growing art and design blog established by Rodney Boot. Each post in this site is influenced by the country’s diverse culture and history. If you want to increase your chances of being featured then send your work at


Choosing the appropriate site to showcase your work is completely in your hand. Just remember “ the strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice” — George Eliot.