Big things have small beginnings…

These days as funding rounds get bigger and bigger, and earlier than ever, it almost seems like getting funded is easy. The reality is quite literally the opposite. I spent 6 months to raise our first round through a series of SAFE agreements. (Learn more about SAFEs here.)

Below are the 3 things I learned while raising our first round of funding

1. Do your homework

Have you validated the problem? I started working on a few problems in business travel in Oct ’18. I had traveled to Amazon for an interview in September and the entire experience was quite unstructured and frankly frustrating. So I started getting in touch with my ex-coworkers and ran the idea by them — I had a set of questions and spent an hour with each person (hint: avoid questions that can have yes/no answers). …


Nilanjan Mishra

@DriftPilot — #enterpreneur #productmanager #managementconsultant

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