Big things have small beginnings…

These days as funding rounds get bigger and bigger, and earlier than ever, it almost seems like getting funded is easy. The reality is quite literally the opposite. I spent 6 months to raise our first round through a series of SAFE agreements. (Learn more about SAFEs here.)

1. Do your homework

Have you validated the problem? I started working on a few problems in business travel in Oct ’18. I had traveled to Amazon for an interview in September and the entire experience was quite unstructured and frankly frustrating. So I started getting in touch with my ex-coworkers and ran the idea by… 2017 logo

On Sunday after a round of golf (+12) at a course next to LGA I settled in to livestream the Microsoft/Xbox presentation at E3, on Twitch.

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful console made by Microsoft. It will be able to support native 4k gaming and immerse gamers in 60 fps gameplay. 42 new games were announced, 22 of which are exclusive to the Xbox console. …

And what it means for your brand or business…

Opening slide of the report.

Mary Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (a Silicon Valley VC firm) and is the author and presenter of the Internet Trends Report. According to a Crunchbase article Mary Meeker has been creating ‘Internet Trend’ reports since 2004. Not surprisingly, the number of slides and the tech industry’s interest have both increased since 2004. This year’s report includes 355 slides and the two largest sections discuss Online Advertising and Interactive Games.

So what are my 10 takeaways?

  1. Mobile is King: According to the report while smartphone shipments may be slowing down, overall internet usage, especially on mobile, is growing rapidly. On average…

Security & Privacy + Flexibility + Efficiency

A strong technology foundation relies on ensuring data security & privacy while enabling advanced analytics, building an efficient technology stack, and providing flexible engineering methodology.

I am a gadget geek. I love taking things apart just to put them back together. When PCs made their way to India, I was in middle school, and I started my tech journey with an Intel 286 machine. I gradually advanced through the 386, 486, 486dx2, and finally the 586 Pentium motherboard. …

Define + Plan + Execute

Business strategy focuses on creating a plan to define and achieve targets & goals for the business.

Strategy is probably one of the most popular subjects in academia and corporations around the world. There are so many theories, frameworks, and case studies that I woulnd’t do the subject any justice by trying to discuss a select few here. Plus it would take several posts to simply list them all. However, no post about strategy is complete without mentioning Michael Porter. So there, that was easy!

(If you still want to discuss some of the popular theories and frameworks I’ll be…

Demographic + Behavior + Engagement + Sensitivity

A user-centered design focuses on answering empathy-focused, behavior-oriented, and need-based questions about the user.

The Dyson Vacuum cleaner. James Dyson and his company revolutionized a simple household item to a status symbol. Dyson designed a cost-effective and intuitive way to introduce centrifugal separators inside a small vacuum cleaner and it performed much better than most competitors in the market. But that’s not why the Dyson vacuum cleaners became one of the most popular vacuum cleaners in spite of the high price.

Dyson vacuum cleaners became popular because:

  1. they did not lose suction and performed better than most competitors;
  2. they are…

And what led me to it…

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” — Tim Brown, president and CEO, IDEO

Building on my experience as a management consultant and a startup founder, and my studies of the various philosophies of design thinking, I believe that strategy, technology, and design are inexorably converging to create an overarching theory of business design.

The founding fathers of business design are, of course, IDEO and other prominent design firms. Design thinking as an approach to management has…

Nilanjan Mishra

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