The extremist group that everyone knows and talk about….

“Every Muslim, from the moment they realize the distinction in their hearts hates Americans, hate Jews, and hates Christians. For as long as I can remember, I have felt tormented and at war, and have felt hatred, and animosity for Americans.”

-Osama Bin Laden

Have you ever thought about who is ISIS and why is there so many attacks happening in United States? Will terrorism ever stop? Will the world be at peace? Well, to answer that question, there’s so much going on in the world, that maybe violence will never stop. ISIS is an extremist group that believes in their religion, Sunni Islam. They believe that a person doesn’t follow or understand the religion, should be killed or executed. I’ll start of saying that ISIS is a big threat to the whole world.

Safety in certain countries are more difficult as the years go by. Most people can’t detect if a person is a terrorist or not. ISIS can be very intimidating sometimes because they plan it out thoroughly and decide a date that is perfect for the attack. On September 15, 2017, an attempted bombing happened at the London Underground Subway. Fortunately no one was killed but 22 people were injured with burns. This terror attack did not make the bomb exploded but made it go into flames. This is consider a failed attack for ISIS. According to the Israeli historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari, terrorist “don’t like army generals, they think like theater producers.” ISIS plan it out for a while, think of ideas to get people to understand their point and get people to know that they can take over the world to make their people into their religion, Sunni Islam. With the media being big in the world, they use the media to make the attack more terrifying and disgusting to get the audience’s’ attention. British people are not afraid of these attack because it’s “just London”. Meaning that Londoners is not afraid. They believe to move on after the attack and are aware of what’s going on with these attacks. Former chief of the Metropolitan Police, Peter Kirkham, said that the recent force is in crisis because of budget cuts in government spending. London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has warned that it’s “increasingly difficult” to keep Londoners safe. This matters because ISIS is going to keep starting these attacks on other countries. This is why we have a military in our country. To keep our country safe. What matters most is citizens safety. I believe ISIS will do whatever it takes to take down people who are not understand nor willing to be part of their religion. There only option is to use violence against vulnerable people.

Many soldiers and volunteers fight for our freedom. Dozens of U.S. civilians from all over the states are in Syria fighting against ISIS. They are trying not to have ISIS go through Europe for more attacks. Americans who trying to travel to fight against ISIS face arrest and detained at U.S. airports. One of the volunteers for the U.S., Robert Grodt was killed by a mine explosion on July 6. He joined YPG because he wanted to help the Kurdish people who were struggle autonomy in Syria and also help fight Daesh. He wanted to help create a more secure world. The U.S Coalition supports Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) but they don’t help pay the fighters. Maj. Josh T. Jacques, a U.S. Central Command spokesman, describes fighters as “the coalition’s local ground force partner in the fight against ISIS in northern Syria.” He continues to say, “Coalition forces continue to support the SDF as part of their advise-and-assist mission, providing equipment, training, intelligence and logistics support, precision fires and battlefield advice.” Meaning that soldiers are partner with other forces to fight against Syria and are providing the army men with equipment, training, intelligence and logistics supports, fires, and battlefield advice. This matters because volunteers are willing to risk their lives and fight for their country. To keep having our freedom and be who we want to be. Despite the fact that militants don’t get paid as much as 300 dollars but are willing to help and make the world a better and secure place. Americans travel all over the world to help other forces fight against ISIS in Syria.

Ever thought about a young child wanting to convert their religion to Sunni Islam? The extremist group can be known for trying to convert some muslims into their religion. At a young age, kids are starting to learn more about guns and to kill innocent people. A 15 year old girl name Lisa W. from Germany decides to join forces with ISIS. After chatting with one of the members of ISIS, she traveled to the Islamic State and was believed to remain there at least 12 months. Many question why she wasn’t stopped from traveling even though she didn’t have any signs of possible radicalization. Meaning why she was adopted to this political or radical positions. She was arrested by the Iraqi authorities but no given facts were given as to why she was arrested. Germany and Iraq has not officially granted an extradition but she could face the death penalty. Both countries are in talks to have her return to Europe. Underage terrorist has been noticeable in Germany where plots are being planned by minors. Daniel Koehler, director of the German Institute stated, “ISIL has turned terrorist recruitment and radicalization effectively into a mass product mostly on young adults aged between 17 and 23 for the simple reason that they are unlikely to be government spies.” Meaning that children are not always target by governments which makes it easier for ISIS and their people to plot and organize an attack. They are often targeted from the group by using videos, songs, games on the media. Children lack of knowing what is real or not. This matters because Germany’s government is lacking of making their country more safe and efficient. Children are being targeted and ask to join the group to go and plot an attack against their own country. The group uses the internet to get minors to join which of course got Lisa W. to join the group. She wanted to come home but now could possible face charges in Iraq and Germany because of joining the extremist group.A

ISIS, the group that wants to tear the countries apart, is now one of the most dangerous group in the world. We will never know when they will stop nor when they will ever accept people for who they are and what they believe in. ISIS recruit people to join their militant group and using their knowledge to convince them that their religion is better. Minors are being targeted and joined to plot against other countries in the world. I notice a pattern on how these attacks happen at different times, how they meticulous organize and strategies a way to make a big attack against people are not into their religion Sunni Islam. They are significant because you can see a difference on how people see these attackers as just abnormal people. They look innocent but on the inside they are psychopaths. Children who are in the ISIS group are not being watched by the government because they are still young. They should be more aware of what’s going on into children’s’ minds.

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