Black Mothers Love Your Daughters For They Will Inherit The Earth

Black mothers love your daughters for they will inherit the earth and its worldly goods.

Don’t discard them for the streets and beyond. Don’t allow the roaming demons to satisfy the earnings of their prowling.

Don’t say that because of your penitence and lack of remorse, she can go without the basics of life and be left to fend for herself amongst the aimless and lowly.

Treat her like a princess and give up your scouring lifestyle in her favor.

You are the blueprint of identity that will forever stimulate and this rite of passage will seal her fate forever.

I see it. I see you. The way you consume the opportunities to remain fuckable at her expense.

Shame on you. How dare you trade her in for your ability to turn tricks at every turn without remorse.

She sees you and she marvels but not in the way that will save her. How can you not tell that she wants to be like you? How can you not feel her gaze when she wonders if you will be coming home tonight or in a fortnight.

Her clothes are old and filthy. Her hair matted beyond recognition. Her socks blacker than the streets you purposely chose over her livelihood.

She is resilient and assured of her disposition even as you return donning the confection that only sparkles at night.

Shameless, and without affection you stumble back from the grips of insanity and she receives you as if you are worthy of her enthusiastic reception.

You are not. But you birthed her and as such, the primal emphasis lingers without delusion.

You will always be the template for womanhood regardless of your scummy past and present.

I wish you could see her the way I do. First there was one and now there are two of them.

Beautiful, lively and open to the praises and structural reclamations that come with the times — being young is not easy.

It isn’t bliss and it damn sure isn’t to be fucked with. From my view — too many of you have decided to neglect the work that needs to be done.

It can’t happen. It won’t come to pass that black daughters are in search of mothers they already have.

These jewels of the universe are more precious than gold. Everyone knows it but you. Don’t fuck good and pass them out like you would gas that has been resurfacing for too long.

Give birth righteously and painstakingly invest with a resounding consciousness.

They need it. You will depend on it. And the generations from whence they came will emulate the privilege of black girl to black woman to Queen of the Earth.

They deserve to play in sincerity in the dwelling place of your own accord. Not in a makeshift space provided by a sorrowful onlooker.

Do good by your girls. Black mothers. Raise black girls in accordance with the laws of our nature,

For they will inherit the earth and all its worldly pleasures and goods — so it was said. So it shall be.