Sometimes, it’s best to let go.

Paying homage to home.

There’s various instances in life, career, relationships, and friendships that tend to go off to the south end. Eventually the stresses of it all comes to a boil and the form of these things you’re used to, lose function. In my honest opinion, being complacent or prolonging toxic aspects puts life’s motions in a major choke hold that some struggle forever to get away from. Honestly? Learn to let go, and breathe in a different way.

Please separate yourself from toxic situations and people, even if it means getting out of that comfort zone of yours. Take the time you owe yourself to see your world in a different perspective than the usual. That park you once played at as a child? Revisit, pay attention to things that may have aged synonymous to your memories and experiences. Surprise yourself over the smaller things, and learn that it’s okay to not have everything sorted out in life or to live on objective.

Try a hand at activities you’ve never been confident at doing before, break boundaries you’ve set yourself and be free of your own mental constraints. You had a planned vacation with that ex significant other? Don’t cancel, appreciate the novelties that come to being solo and take that trip! Document your travels, introduce yourself to the random Joe Schmoe or Molly Polly next to you. Create experiences and moments that far out reach the burdened horror-stories in your mind.

As you start the day, while the coffee is brewing, smile in the mirror. Give yourself that pat on the back for simply trying. Toss on your favorite shoes and run out the door full speed to brand new avenues. Reflect weeks, months, or even years from that icky decision wrenched in your stomach and had to rehearse over and over, to the new memories & adventures you have made.

Then when faced with more of life’s difficult or negative instances, remind yourself that it’s okay to let it go and breathe.