Bitmora- A Exchange Buit by People, For People.

Bitmora, a US-based crypto currency exchange platform set to revolutionize the way to digital currency exchange world operators. They are going to bring a kind of trading platform with low fees, enterprise grade security and a unique voting system to put a great future of crypto-currency.

Bitmora’s Goal:

§ To revolutionize the system for crypto-currency.

§ Put a voting system for a great future of crypto-currency exchange.

§ Launch the world’s best Ios and Android App for crypto-currency that will house both their trading system and voting system.

Establish of Bitmora:

In May of 2017, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, Joseph Dagostino made their dream project “Bitmora” true. They are the founder of Bitmora. They are building a service that will allow users to globally exchange crypto-currency.

Bitmora’s Extreme Step:

Ø Control On Fee System: Fee on current exchange is not acceptable at present. Bitmora’s 1st aim is to control on fee system. This step has great affect on crypto exchangers. With a great view and that is, Bitmora wants to give allow the users to pick any one option in their fee package. There are two option: fixed rate or basic percentages. User can change option at any time by contacting with their support team.

Ø Voting System: Bitmora thinks that current crypto-currency exchangers are not running their exchanges with real regard user’s opinion. They want to change it. Their voting system will ensure that changes user are think best for the future of crypto-currency. Bitmora thinks that this system will work for best suggestion to change their service for more helpful. For more information Click Here.

Ø Customer Relation: Bitmora believe that there is no excuse , not to make a great relationship with customer. Bitmora offering world class customer support to the clients around the world. For more information

Ø Matching Engine: Bitmora wants to develop enterprise-performance order matching. They wants to execute 1 million transaction per second.

Bitmora’s Security:

Security is the most important thing in everything. Bitmora also gives important on security. They will keep eyes on eveything from their server to cold storage 24/7/365, without any break. Their cold storage will be stored in offsite, undisclosed location with round the clock security. There will be no automation software to linking their cold wallets and hot wallets. And abou their employees, they will also keep under high security screening. To know about their security visit

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