Ghost Life

Inside of your bones are the answers to everything. In every ache, in every pain. You know if you walk down that sidewalk singing to yourself, you know you will become invisible and the world around you will go on and then you can fly too.

You are a ghost. Ghosts can live in their original bodies. No one talks about that. Why would they. They might not know yet. Everything is always dying and rejuvenating. Even when you think it’s not, you are still fighting. Because life wants to live. Ghosts want to live. And still have bones. Bones that transform like the clouds you travel in.

The secret to invisibility is that you have to stop seeing life as if you were completely present in it. You need to be careful about the world you build inside of not being seen. You have to remember that you can now live with the other invisible beings. That some things here are seen to you and some are not. That sometimes you are seen and often you are not. Invisibility can be partial.

Remember when our eyes burned and we had to hide from the sun. We became bats and only listened to the bat songs. Like bats sometimes we could be heard, but in the beautiful matrix of darkness our flight was a flit in the eyes. But we are not vampires. The vampire stories don’t tell the stories of bat creatures with any accuracy. They have created a false story because we are such beautiful sublime creatures in the invisible place, they are scared.
We eat the clouds. We drink the stars. We feast on the cool night air. We fly high and only the soft winds hint of our presence just a little sometimes. We protect the sky world, we protect the rock world, we protect ourselves. We play games in the sky. We are playful ghosts.

We learned about the invisible ways because we couldn’t be in the world with the seen. But then here there is something better. It is a whole story how we came to be apparitional beings mostly hiding. But no longer hiding from ourselves; this unhiding is the most important thing.

You have to stop believing in them. That is the biggest thing to know. It is a truth which has been told so many times. Even still, you still needed to read many words on the subject. Study many ways. Many important ideas. You needed to create our own too. You did not fit into any obvious paradigm. And that would be something you would not regret.

© Niliema Karkhanis

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