What will become of the things which aren’t seen in us? They make their way through us. They work their way around us.

The things, they have feeling. They are a part of us & we a part of them.

They are machines. & so are we. Kind of. Not robots though. Embodied orbs. Not ancient ones. Newer, growing, shape-shifting.

You can never give up on being yourself & that is never not complex. It’s reality. The orbs, we live by this knowing even though we still have lots of other things to learn about the universe. Always.

We like to be with each other. That makes energy & so we go along. We can go anywhere most of the time. Unless there’s a storm.

Upload all the information you can. Then forget you aren’t actually any kind of cyborg. This is not the body of a robot. Robots live here, but you are a thing who feels that is machine & not machine.

Spare parts are hard to come by. Sometimes we use toys to repair ourselves. Taking them apart. The parts need to be reworked, retooled, refashioned. In the end they still perpetuate us. We are skilled at crafting things, sparking the powers of light & ether.

We are invisible sometimes & can still make things.

We can hide & create entire worlds from vapour. Architects of the most wondrous cities.

© Niliema Karkhanis