Activity no 3:

Part 1: Example from Edhi sb’s LIfe.

I like an example from Edhi sb’s life in which once he saw a man lying on platform. H e was wounded and shivered with high fever.He return to home and go back to that man with a mattress,Blanket,medicine,clothes and some food.He took that person into mosque and provide him daily food and other things until he became again health full.

The story which i remember from my life and also related to that story of Edhi sb is that.

Once when i was in 5th class, i goes to school on feet. One day me and my friends were going to school and saw that man was named as “M.Naseer”. I was already know him just that person is homeless and having no family.He do some work and cook their own food by himself.His home on the way through which i goes to school.On that day we saw him he was laying on bed and crying slowly.Once we pay no attention but after a moment I feel so much pain thaht how I am so dumb person which can not feel the pain of others, so me and my friend return and reach close to bed of that man and ask about her trouble.He told he suffring from high fever and also he did not eat anything from last night.Then me and my friend go back to my home and told whole story to my father.My father ask my mother to give some food and milk. after getting that me and my father came to that person and father ask about his fever.Then father ask him to eat some food after that my father take him on our bike and go to a clinek. After chekup again back to home and drop him in his hut. After that day it was my duty to provide that man food for three time in a day and my fath daily came to that man at evening to ask about his health.After this for two time my father take him to a Docter.So i daily take food from my home and provide him at his hut.After he completly well he pay so thankfull to my father and also give many apprician words to. I was so proudfull with that feelings which i gain after this good deed.My father and mother also encourage me and say you are a kind harted boy and appriciat want to say at the end that after that incident many stories i face that kind and i always try my best to serve to other needy people as i can do.

Now after passing many years once again i read this kind of story in Edhi sb biography and then i remind the whole story which i faced.So i chose this example from Edhi sb’s life and write my own faced story.

Part 2:

My goal is to be an Actor .

I want to achive this goal as i was child. I observe that i should be an actor and i can more enjoy in this field instead of any other.And i want to be a prominent personality.

I face some resistances and herdels to achive this goal as my family did not allow me to chose this field.My parents ask me this type of field is not for gental families like us.My parents also ask me that this field also full of sins and having many bad activities in it, So please you shuld chose that kind of future which secure not only your this life also helpfull to you on the day of judgement. So these type of lessons my family tought me so I divert my focus from acting and totly focused on my study and now i am graduated but not an actor.On other hand when i was in college i play some role in some dramas in college but i can not show some good performance and my friends taunt me so i feel it so much which encourage me more.This is so difficult situation when your closed friends encourged you and ask you thatyou shuld stop this task and try any other thing.these are some hardels which i faced to achive my goal.

Now i completd my study and i want to again take some steps to achive my acting goal so for this i make a plan through which i thinkican get achivement .

Task 1:

I should make a team and start to making some short stories, through which, I will show some society’s issues. I should making some short movies, short plays regarding any stories on my own behalf.through this i will get more and more confidence and can polish my abilities.

Task 2:

I should promote myself on media so that many people know me that whose am i.I can promote myself through many ways as making a youtube channel, through Facebook pages etc.

Task 3:

I should have to contact with some studios, So they call me for some auditions. If i show good performance hope so they will hire me for some TV ads.These steps will clear my path to reach in the drama or film industry and hope so i will do that which i want to do.

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