Top five reasons why you should consider hiring a gig worker

I n the last post we discussed five reasons why you should consider becoming a gig worker.

Now we move to the other side of the table.

What if you’re a business looking to hire for an open position, and are torn between hiring a full time worker and an independent contractor?

There are several benefits to be accrued from deciding to hire an independent worker for a job.

  1. Cost reduction

There are a lot of overhead costs that are associated with full time workers, and this is not the case

with freelancers. Also, as a business, you pay your employees for a 8-hour workday — what if you were to know they work only for four of those hours?

Consequently, hiring a freelancer for a position can be much more affordable (upto 20–30% cheaper)¹, even if settled on a per-hour basis.

2. Reduction in risk

A freelancer or an independent contractor is not a full time employee — this brings down the risk for the employer. There is no right to compensation benefits or unemployment insurance.

In addition, if the work arrangement does not work out as planned, the freelancer can be terminated and replaced easily.

3. Access

With the ubiquity of talent-pairing platforms, you can even your out unique requirements met. There are platforms to hire designers, editors, accountants, business consultants and much, much more. Once the talent is found and terms and conditions are agreed, the work can be started as soon as possible.

4. Innovative ideas

Generally, freelancers are more receptive to cutting edge ideas, new technology and suggestions. They are generally free of preconceived attitudes and can implement cutting edge ideas to rival even the best professionals at leading professional firms.

5. Global market

There is the option of tapping labour pools in a variety of markets and getting the best global talent. Outsourcing can not only lead to access to a wider pool but also might help in controlling costs through tapping less expensive labour markets.

To summarise, businesses looking to be agile, to reduce overheads, to tap the best global talent who are open to innovation — would be best suited to hiring gig workers to accelerate growth.


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