Well I have been looking into several Angular 2 Books and Videos as well as an Ionic 2 Book on Safari Books Online. They have an author or two and a reviewer, or several reviewers. I am astonished at viewing the quality of the publications. Either they are negligible or it is done purposefully. I am surprised because I would expect to find wonderful books on Angular 2 and Ionic 2 published and released or soon to be released but there is a lack of quality literature concerning Angular 2 and Ionic 2. What do the readers want on Safari Books Online or in general. They all want to learn how the framework functions in detail, correctly explained with love and enthusiasm. And they all want Demo Applications that they can then reproduce, modify enhance and show their friends what great stuff it is. That is human nature. Maybe I am expecting too much from the authors, but seldom do I read or hear great compliments about the wonderful technology that has been produced and continuously is being further enhanced and developed new versions and releases, new features and all this Open Source. It makes me fear sometimes to give away such a precious technology into hands of barbarians who do not understand or appreciate or feel threatened about such an act of generosity and innovative, forward thinking of giving away what one loves most. It reminds of the same act of Linus Torvalds dedicating himself for many years to improve a system and move the world forwards and then giving it all away. An impressive act against human nature. A sign of greatness. Yes, Angular is wonderful technology, but I must understand that not everybody shares this view. I do think that as a true professional if I write a book or publish a video I am agnostic and present alternatives as well as do not try to push any other products or whatever to ride on this wave and make personal profit or probably paid to do this. What I have read and heard is that certain platforms are put forward, certain editors are endorsed and the weaknesses of the Framework are put into the spotlight. I watched a video from Eduonix several days ago and saw a CSS class named scope. Scope was very precious to me when I developed Angular 1 Applications. That is the work of barbarians. When they say barebones HTML file. They do not understand and are incapable of producing such a detailed master art of work that represents what Angular is able to do in the HTML, the enhancements and intelligence that Angular gives the HTML file. This is truly revolutionary and represents the version of HTML 6, that we are able to code today thanks to Angular and that will probably be standardized in all browsers in the future. There will be many obstacles to this from the usual suspects. Therefore Angular is the beginning of a new Era for Humanity. And that influences the masses. Angular has nothing to do with a specific Operating System or a Specific Code Editor or whatever other tools and frameworks. Obviously man wishes to piggy back on the success of Angular and make a buck on it. That’s just the way it is. If you can’t beat them then you join them. I have read that Microsoft has joined the Linux foundation. They will also join the Angular Foundation one day if they are still around then, which I strongly doubt. Their time is over. This process will be accelerated through innovations and developments. I have great hope that Android will soon make the world happy and come visit us on all desktops. Android we are missing you on our development machines. Do not fear windows. You will put it where it belongs. In the recycle bin and the world will thank you for this great act. It will happen and I hope to see it soon here and download my new Operating System Android: https://www.google.com/download/desktop It’s a 404 right now, but I have great hope that Google V for Victory that I see when I look at the beautiful Material Design Logo. When she smiles at me. M V together. Google will soon fill this gap and give life to this URL. For she desires to be filled with new Technology.

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