Oh Migrationsverket! What have you done?
Raja Makendran Nandan

This is completely insane, I merely ended up in the same situation for a person that we employed in our group of companies. All though owned by the exact same owner and even using the name of the same owner, they are technically different companies and are then treated as unique employers.

The reason for this is the protectionism of the trade unions in Sweden which fear that people from abroad might take on several jobs and thus threaten the employments of Swedish workers.

Frustrating hipocracy, though the socialist movement is said to enhance international solidarity the core of the workers movement seem to focus merely on the best of their group. And this is what explains the stupid asylum politics of Sweden, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in to be an asset to the country, all that counts is your situation back home.

All in all, we’re loosing so many good talents, as the one you seem to be and it saddens me. I love my country and I think that it definitely would be in the interest of our nation to make sure that you’re a welcome part of it.

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