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General Tips

  1. Key performance metrics
    When running a performance test, request throughput and latency are two key performance metrics that would help you to get an understanding of the performance of the system being tested. These are usually provided by the testing client.

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Many businesses make use of some kind of computing system for business activities nowadays. They may be used to either serve their clients or for internal purposes. It is crucial that the availability of these systems are at an acceptable level. Business critical systems are therefore required to be highly available. Computing environments configured to provide nearly full-time availability are known as high availability systems [1]. There can be many reasons why a business needs to ensure that its computing systems are highly available. Two main reasons are as follows

  1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    Service uptime is a common service performance…

Our team at work recently noticed a significant throughput drop when executing Java programs in Docker containers on MacBooks. I ran a few performance tests to verify this behaviour and noticed that it is indeed the case.

I used a simple Netty echo service for these experiments. As the name suggests, this service simply echoes back the data sent to it. I first executed 2 tests as follows to test the performance. Steps to reproduce these tests are given at the end of this article.
1. Netty echo service on Mac OS natively
2. …

UI of the dashboard

I recently created a dashboard for the Huawei 4G router being used for my home broadband connection. The purpose of this is to display the uplink and downlink bandwidth utilization in the link between the 4G router and the ISP (WAN link). It can also display the latency to a given server from the computer running it.

Why did I create this?
Everyone in my family uses the internet connection at home and sometimes at the same time! The bandwidth of the internet package that we use is not very high and is usually a bottleneck. A slow internet speed at…

Your Gmail inbox can get cluttered if you do not organize it properly. This is especially true when you have subscribed to several mailing lists. The default behavior when you have subscribed to a mailing list is for all emails from it to appear in your inbox; whether you have been directly addressed or not.

This guide will explain how you can organize your emails using filters and labels in such a situation. What you will have in the end is a Gmail account such that if you have been addressed in any of the emails in a mailing list…

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