You misunderstood the definition

There’s a big difference between design and develop a website

When I first created a website, three years ago, I was really impressed. It was on Wix, I didn’t code and only changed the text — without touching the images and the colors. It sucked, I admit it; so I delete it some days after I finished it.

The important thing wasn’t the content; it was that the website was my first website. Some months after, I finished my first website made with code — I didn’t publish anywhere. As the time was passing and my knowledge and experience was increasing, I decide to focus on design.

Some days ago, I realized that my Twitter and Medium was full of tweets and posts about Web Development. I decided to unfollow all these people, companies, organizations… because I think that all the tweets and posts they publish are just saying “stop designing, code” and I want to focus my career only on design.

Then, I noticed that my newsfeed was almost empty, so I looked for someone to follow. I looked for some blogs searching with the words Web and Design. Nothing that I found was related with Design.

Development vs Design

Now it comes the important part of the post. Broadly speaking, the creation of a website is divided in these phases:

Design: this is the phase where some people meet up to talk about how the website will look like. Then, they sketch some ideas, which will be transformed into a mockup with all the colors and typography. Tools used: Photoshop, Sketch (for example).

Development: this is the phase where the people take the mockups from the phase before and they transform it into a live website, coded with HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript. Tools used: Atom, Sublime Text (for example).

Basically, Developers code and Designers not.