the arctic is warming twice as fast as the world’s average temperature

How is your thinking on the topic changing and developing?

The author, in this article talks about how the arctic is warming twice as fast as the world’s average temperature, where he states that is all due to climate change and the rising temperature levels. The science behind it is that the planet is warming up because carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are collecting in the atmosphere, causing it to thin the atmosphere. As a result it then traps the sun’s heat causing the planet to warm up. Due to the rise in the temperature, the snow and the ice that usually reflects the sun’s heat, melts down, which now exposes the darker regions of the ice that is usually covered underneath. This is bad because that part of the ice absorbs more heat because of the darker nature of the ice; in which dark pigmentations absorb much of the UV rays.

This goes on like a chain reaction because once the darker ice melts, it adds fresh warm water to the already cold, Arctic water. This adding to the Arctic water changes the sea to a warmer water which affects the natural habitats of the marine life living there. This not only affects marine life but also land animals that live there. For an example the other says “ there is a strong connection between what’s going on the sea and the polar bears. Where their ice is gone, bear numbers are down.” This makes sense because they are not used to warmer temperature water and how the ice lands where they stay are slowly disappearing on them. Not only that but it also affects their food source which is affected by the warm water as well.

This article definitely helped me evolve my ideas on my topic because It was a whole new thing in my topic that I had no idea about. I knew the basic thing about how there was too much carbon dioxide in the air but nothing as complex as how marine life was being affect or even the rate of how fast the ice is melting and how it was melting. Till this far I had been talking more about the political and the economic stand point of view and this was a very different approach to the same topic which will give diversity to my blogs. I think like me people know the surface of the topic of climate change and by explaining the process to them step by step it would teach them what and how it is actually happening. This is important because how would someone support a topic which they don’t even know how exactly it happens and works? This had been a very eye opening article for me.

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