The world’s third biggest emitter of greenhouse gas has finally joined the Paris agreement

Blog Post Session 3 Number 1

The most current news that has recently sparked in the headlines was an article about how India, the world’s third biggest emitter of greenhouse gas has finally joined the Paris agreement. According to the news the agreement was held in Paris in December of 2015 by 200 countries whose goal is to drastically decrease and cut greenhouse gas emissions. I think this is very important that India joined this agreement because India is an emitter of about 4.5 percent of the whole world’s greenhouse gas emissions in the air and that is a lot. Just with them agreeing to the Paris agreement means that they have acknowledged the consequences that they may have been already facing and will possibly face in the future if they continue to emit that much greenhouse gas. I have also already talked about problems India has been facing due to the extreme climate changes, which most likely have caused them to join in the Paris agreement. For example, agriculture is something that is extremely important to India’s economy and due to climate change, the patterns of the Monsoon rains (which they rely so much on) are changing and creating distress to farmers. The change in Monsoon patterns not only skyrocket the price of food but also increases the chances of huge floods which India has been facing a lot. For India, this is a big problem not just for the citizens but also for the country’s economy as well. This news is important because it doesn’t only affect India but the whole world due to so many countries finally coming together and having a mutual agreement on such a big topic which is climate change and finally trying to find a solution for it. I think this new agreement is a big step that we have finally taken to stop climate change and believe that many more countries will join as well in the future.

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