Formation of Kidney Stone

The main function of the kidney is the removal of waste products from blood and transfers them to urine. The kidney stone is formed when some minerals from the urine join with other materials in the urine. Men are more prone to kidney stones than women and also age act as a factor.

Unbearable and persistent back or side pain is the main symptom of a kidney stone. You may also have reddish, painful and bad smelling urination.

Kidney stones are of different types, but calcium stone is the most common one. The other types of stones are made up of uric acid or chemicals that are found naturally in the body. Formation of stone may be linked to the quantity of these materials in urine.

Most kidney stones if they are small in size may go out of the body while urination. But some may develop into large size and begin block the urine flow, which result in severe pain and may also lead to infection. If the stone is of big size, you have to consult a doctor immediately.

If you consult a doctor, at first he asks about your family history on stones and then he will find out the type of stone. Then he will perform your urine and blood tests to figure out the reason behind the kidney stone. Your work, diet and medical history can also help him to find out the reason.

The main advice you will get from a doctor is that you have to drink plenty of water and kidney cleansing drinks in order to avoid the kidney stone issues to some extent.