5 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs a Clever Design

How The Design of a Brand Influences Its Success and The Top 5 Reasons Behind It

Whether you own a small pizza shop or a big online store, the next big software company or a luxurious watch making company, your design says everything about your brand, beyond what you tell your customers. 15 years ago, any brand with a name, a logo, and some ads on the local paper had decent potential to reach, capture, and keep its customers.

But things shifted. Nowadays, we see hundreds of online ads, videos, and flyers, every single day. Our brain… constantly looking out for us, so we have less decisions to make, cleverly filters out almost everything we’re exposed to… which is good for us, but bad for our brands. Here’s where great design helps…

When you find out how to make your product STAND OUT, you have a chance to find your customers, keep them coming back, and make them super happy. But why start with design to attract and keep customers happy? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Your design is what customers see and feel.

All of the hard work, long hours, and sweat you put into making your product/service only gets seen by the people inside your team, plus your circle of family and friends. Your customers are on the outside of this circle, so they only get to interact with what you give them, at the end of the day. The more well designed this interaction point/process is, whether it’s a mobile app or a pizza you hand them, the better your customers feel.

After all, your design is embeded into your product/process, and that’s what your customers see, that’s what impacts how they feel, and that’s what they pay for.

2. A great design reflects your values for your own product or service.

Your customers pay you for the values you bring to them, that’s a given. But take a step back… how do customers value your product in the first place? Customers value your product, based on how you value your own product.

In simple terms, when you respect yourself, others will respect you. A well designed product shows the great amount of respect you have for your own brand, and therefore, the great respect you have for your values. Now, this design doesn’t have to be bound to the graphics and fonts you use, it can be how you package and deliver your product or service, physically or digitally. Great examples: Dominos online ordering system telling you what stage your pizza is in or Uber’s on-demand process and experience from the moment you hit “request ride” to the moment you get dropped off.

3. Only the well designed can sell for a premium.

Not a single poorly designed consumer product is sold at a premium. There’s a reason why Apple is able to sell macbooks at $2K+, and Rolex can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for their watches. They’re super well designed, because both brands value craftsmanship at its highest.

Premium brands have to care so deeply for the smallest details in their product, because that’s what they charge for, so people feel amazed when they hold the product. If your brand charges (or plans on charging) a premium, it needs to show that it’s worth the price, and what better way to do that than to make customers see and feel the premium.

4. Your customers remember you by your design.

Your design plays a huge role in customer retention and familiarity. Apple does a great job at this — from making their earbuds white to stand out from the others, to the great quality bag they hand you in the stores. When people see different elements of your brand (through its design), they remember how you make them feel when they interact with your product.

Give customers a poorly designed product, and they’ll go about ignoring the elements that make up your brand (associating it with low quality). But make them wow with every single element that you show up to their doorstep with, and they’ll surely remember your brand.

5. Your design shows your adoption to the environment around.

Every time we visit a website that still has a design from the 2000’s, not only do we notice it, but right away we tell a story to ourself about that brand. You have two stories you can tell your current and potential customers: one, our brand is outdated and old, or two, our brand is up to date and modern.

And again, you tell your most important stories by what you show and how you make customers feel. The world around us is constantly changing and adopting to new designs and looks. Now you can either accept that and adopt your brand to stay relevant, or stay in the same spot and be left out.

Clevr Design

Clevr Design is a new initiative and brand that I’m building to encourage all brands to adopt to realeasing the most well designed and crafted version of their product/process. Clevr’s main mission is to Make every brand look beautiful and feel seamless. You can find out more here.

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