Introducing The ShiftRide App: Get Early Access in Waterloo

Nima Tahami
Sep 26, 2017 · 1 min read

Over the past few months at ShiftRide, we’ve been heads down and focused on putting together one of the most convenient and innovative ways to give people access to a car nearby. We’re proud to be introducing the ShiftRide app and we’re now inviting Waterloo to get early access!

The ShiftRide app lets you sign up with your driver’s license and get behind the wheel instantly. Say goodbye to planning ahead and say hello to getting on-demand access to a car, like you own it. It’s free to sign up and you only pay for the portion you use cars, in time and distance. The app will become available this week in an invite-only Beta to iPhone users. All you have to do to join the Beta is to request an invite on

Enjoy the ride,

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