The best things in life take time

Nima Tahami
Apr 3, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve never gone fishing before, but I’ve asked friends who have — “how long does it take to catch a fish?”. The answer is never the same. Sometimes you could go without catching any fish at all, sometimes it could take hours, and sometimes you could catch one every few minutes (if you’re lucky).

Building a startup is no different. Sure, it’s important to have great people onboard with you, but if no one’s committed to give it time, you can only go so far. One of the common mistakes in the startup community is that entrepreneurs sometimes set a time limit for themselves. Now, I’m not saying deadlines are bad, but deadlines are for your To-Do’s and not on how much time you should give your new startup idea before moving on and deciding this is not the right path for you.

Patience is really crucial to get you to where you want to be. A lot of successful companies you see in the news today that seem to be “killing it” have been working at it for many years before anyone ever heard about them. That’s simply because patience has to go hand-in-hand with momentum.

Patience has to go hand-in-hand with momentum

Being patient without having momentum is like waiting for the fish to jump into your boat without throwing your hook into the water. In other words, you have to keep testing different things until something works out, but in doing so, you might not see results right away — so give it some time.

If you want to get lucky and catch a fish every few minutes, then you gotta be willing to take days without catching any fish at all.

P.S. while I was publishing this post, I came across a video by Gary Vaynerchuk on Patience, definitely recommend watching it.

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