Inside Product: Introduction to Feature Priority using ICE (Impact, Confidence, Ease) and GIST (Goals, Ideas, Step-Projects and Tasks)

What is ICE?

(Source: Growth Hackers)


(Source: Apptentive)
(Source: Matty Ford)


(Source: Itamar Gilad)


  1. Release frequency: How fast code releases to production.
  2. Infrastructure recovery: How fast production recovers from “fires”
  3. Infrastructure resiliency: Reduction in downtime/problems with infrastructure.
  4. Infrastructure efficiency: How well resources are shielded from production deployment problems.
  5. Automation: Reduction in human intervention to fix problems.
(Source: Itamar Gilad)
(Source: Scrum Institute)

What is GIST?

(Source: Itamar Gilad)
(Source: Atiim)
(Source: Weekdone)
(Source: Betterworks)
(Source: Weekdone)
(Source: Itamar Gilad)




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