Byron Hazard
Oct 29, 2016 · 3 min read

THE ARK — Platform for Consumer Adoption

ARK is a coin that provide services to users with advanced technology and innovative case based development and integrated with the system blokchain technology. Ark is very comfortable and spoil the user with the facility and the system is flexible and easy to adapt to various circumstances. Ark is a secure platform and is very easy to use for consumers, network wide and easily accessible as well as a complete service is the main goal of the Ark.

In the era of progress Altcoin this time, the competition between altcoin and various launch of the new coins are stringent, many of the competitors make new coins and coins launched them with ICO media, campaigns, investment program. In this case the Ark will provide the latest and there is no element trace of coin coin before, how no Ark in the ICO has set up a system that is fast, open, adaptable, and of course by investing together with ARK ICO bright future is in the hands of investors and supporters ARK itself.

This is Vision and Mission The ARK


Project Ark consists of five phases of development to be sequentially deployed over the next two years. Each phase is constructed upon the foundation of the prior, with the endgame being an integrated ecosystem designed for ease of use and wide spread mass adoption.

1. Atlas — ARK Token Exchange Campaign (ARK-TEC)

Starting Monday, November 7th and lasting till Sunday, December 11th 2016 with minimum threshold to start set at 2000 BTC. During this time we are going to deploy ARK testnet.

2. Atlantis — ARK Mainnet Launch

Full node software is openly distributed. Lite Clients for desktop. Formation of business entities. We are currently speaking with attorneys from countries in our internal priorities list.

3. Apollo — P2P Card Network

Research, Sourcing, and Development of various Smart Card/NFC materials. Partnerships for NFC/contactless chip wearable devices with manufacturers.

4. Aphrodite — Bridged Blockchain Support

Distribution of Smart Cards and POS Hardware. Debugging and Feature building for current use cases.

5. Argos — Partnerships, Integrations, and Ecosystem Development

Integration of InterPlanetary DataBase (IPDB: Unreleased/Integration date TBD: potential for move to Aphrodite or earlier phases).



the ARK TEC runs from monday, november 7th to sunday, December 11th 2016.

visit here :


TOTAL SUPLY : 125 million ARK (will be distributed to ARK TEC participants, TEAM and BOUNTY PROGRAM

75% (93.750.000) of ARK tokens will be distributed to participants of the ARK TEC.

15% (18.750.000) to the ARK founders team.

7% (8.750.000) ARKshield program.

2% (2.500.000) for BOUNTIES

1% (1.250.000) to ESCROW

Learn about Ark visit here :

Ark Blog :

Ark TEAM :

Ark Community :

Website :

Whitepaper :

Twitter Channel :

Facebook Channel :

Slack Channel(get invited) :

Reddit Channel :

Ark Forum Thread :

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