How accurate is fortune telling?

How accurate is fortune telling? This is a difficult question. Like I said: in a way, it is 100 percent. But if I give a fortune telling on you, you don’t feel like 100 percent, right? In fact, when I have your life code, my understanding of you is 100 percent; but when I talk about it, my language doesn’t deliver all the massage. For example: when I say “brave”, what do you think I said? Are cats brave? Yes they are. You can see videos of cats confronting bears, snakes or crocodiles on YouTube. On the other hand, cats are easily scared. So the word “brave” cannot describe them accurately.

By presenting fortune telling, my goal is to let you realize fortune telling is 100 percent accurate. I don’t deny that I make mistakes sometimes, why I said it is 100 percent?

How to live longer? Ask a doctor, the answer will be: stop drinking, stop smoking, eat less meat and more vegetable, sleep all night and workout a lot. Someone do all those and die at the age of 30. Someone eat bacon everyday and still live up to 100 years. Why? Because none of those has a necessary connection with “living long”. Necessary connection means when you do A, B MUST happen. In the part 2 of my book, I answered “why and how fortune telling works”. I broke the main structure of fortune telling down, and looked at the true form of it. If you look at the fundamental, it is 100 percent true. For example: something indicates rich; it could be wrong sometimes, because it doesn’t send you money. It works in a way, I will show you the way. Once you see the way, you can test on as many candidates as possible, it never misses. So far I can explain the main structure of fortune telling, lots of details and techniques cannot be explained even by me. When you use them, they are not 100 percent.

And that is not enough. As you become better, I also want you to realize: the accuracy of fortune telling can never be 100 percent. Why? In the end, life code is analogy. It tells you the truth by metaphor. Analogy or metaphor can never be 100 percent precise, understand? For example: Once I asked my wife: what does it feel like to be pregnant? She said: I don’t know; how do you feel when you ejaculate? I said a something. In fact, in Chinese we have the adjectives to describe the feeling of sex, but if you look at those words in a fundamental level, they still are metaphor, originally mean chill or speed, if you think about it, chill or speed is pretty far from actual sex, but what else can you say? No matter what I say; it doesn’t describe it, does it? Metaphor is to simulate something with something you know. If you don’t know, you will never know. In fortune telling, you have 10 decimal numbers and 12 zodiac numbers, to simulate everything in the world, how precise do you think it can be? If you want to find some details from those numbers, you will have to make some guesses.

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