What One’ll loose after failure

“If I’m going to fail, I’m going to fail big,”, “If I fail, I’m going to fail after giving it everything I’ve got.”

One thing that always take a chance to play in mind is i’ll loose something, what if, if i got failed, that started glitching in my mind system.

What i learned with those failure, NOTHING. only thing that i got by those was despair, i started leaving those which was deep in my heart to get. and i started getting failure for once, twise and so on…..

I decided, that’s the end i would remain one ordinary people who does some sort of job in day time and fall asleep at night, kind of software installed in my mind that let me to do what functioned. In spite of been human i started act like machine.
And that’s what over 80% people does same in their life and let their life in the hand of some software that operate them in a way that they functioned.

what you’ll loose if you got failed, you’ll loose only what you have, NOT what you’ll gain after that failure.

FACE that failure, go again and again over there which was the cause of your failure, get failed again and again and again,

do not ashamed on your trials, People around you are the only who know you and the world is not specific with those around.
Fail with whatever you have, take a time and try again but never give up because of that failure else some day at the age when you’re lying on the bed with glucose bottle in your veins for energy to let your eyes opened and pee bucket under your bed, thinking that “dude, you had chance to do that again.”

Thanks for reading…