14 September 2017 — I first learned about Geriatrics and Gerontology back in 2010. San Miguel district of Manila hosts a hospital that specializes in Geriatric Medicine and a college that offers a graduate degree on geriatric nursing. I never really bothered thinking about it.

Today, a sibling shared some good news with us. She’s in a relationship, that makes three of my siblings committed and on their way to having their own families. From there the topic moved on how we’ll take care of our parents. Both of them are on their 70s and are in good health.

It was a lengthy discussion. Concensus was that we’ll focus on building a strong medical fund for them. We’ll worry about moving them to a nicer neighbourhood later.

The whole talk got me thinking about myself. What will happen to me when I grow old. Who will take care of me? Would people still want to work with me? How can I deal with people leaving? Suddenly, growing old felt more complicated than ever.

I think a lot about the future at least health wise and career wise. I’ve never put so much thought on how I’ll deal with aging. I have no issues with my age going up year on year but rather what concerns me is aging on my own and not knowing how I’ll take care of myself on my own.

A dear friend from college is interested to study gerontology in graduate school. I hope she pushes through with her plans so I have someone who can help me hack aging.

While I have no expert to consult about aging, I need to set time to think about this.

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