We have just launched the new version of the Nimipet — it’s a complete rewrite of the source code. The previous WP + jQuery version quickly became over-complicated and hard to maintain, update or scale.

The new version is written in Vue.js on the front-end and Laravel on the back-end. Now it is more modular and allows us to work with the code efficiently. That’s a perfect foundation for the new features that are released with this version and the new forthcoming features.

This code rewrite, new features and the beginning of the marketplace was done this November-December by the…

During the past week, Nimipet had many challenges — servers were crashing, Porky Pool was down under DDoS attack, users encountered bugs, and some nimipets have even died because of these disruptions.

Nevertheless, Nimipet persisted, fixed most of the issues, resurrected the dead nimipets, integrated new features and successfully made it to the v0.3.0-beta version. Furthermore, Nimipet has exciting plans for the future.

Below is the quick overview of the newly added features and also an early vision for the Nimipet Marketplace.

Nimipet styles

All users can now style their nimipets using different color gradients.

Nimipet team has decided that 50% of all NIM from dead nimipets will go back to the community and the other 50% will go to the Nimipet fund and will be used for development, charity or other purposes.

50% NIM back to the community means free NIM for all nimipets that are alive. Starting from now, free NIM for living nimipets will be airdropped at the end of every week.

The older is the nimipet, the more free NIM it will get. The oldest nimipet will get 3x, and the youngest will get 1x. …

We are currently developing the tool that will allow players to customize gradient colors of their nimipets or use a background image as a skin.

After this release goes live, the leaderboard will be updated so that the top 10 nimipets would be presented individually with their gradient colors or image skins.

Also, soon all nimipets will have their public links and can be shown to other people. Anyone visiting the nimipet’s page, can also help mining food and NIMs for that nimipet.

Nimipet skins for community

While the development is still in progress, we are sharing different nimipet skins that you can use as an avatar on Telegram or other social networks.

Let the Nimipet movement begin!

Today we have released the new 0.2.0-beta version of the Nimipet game which includes the following two core features: Withdrawals (Put to sleep) and Referrals (Get more food). Check it out at https://nimipet.com

We have also formed the Nimipet team, which consists of ~5 strong professionals, mostly from the software background, and we already have the first draft of the roadmap. More on this later, now let’s take a quick look at the newly added features.

The early beta version of the Nimipet is now live. You can start playing the game at https://nimipet.com

This beta version includes the following:

- Browser-mining food for Nimipet;
- Nimipet’s value in NIMs;
- Game logic and mechanics implementation;
- UI/UX improvements, simple animations, sounds;
- Leaderboard;

Browser-mining is implemented in cooperation with Sushipool. Thanks to Brantje for his efforts. It was a challenge, but finally, we have made it.

It seems that Nimipet is the first game in existence which uses third-party pool mining for its game engine. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of technology.


Nimipet will make it possible for anyone to compete.

The hashing power will be a factor, but not the major one.

The points will be calculated using this formula: Food pieces fed + (NIMs mined * 2)

Example below:

1st player has an old PC with just 500 h/sec
2nd player is playing with 5x power (2500 h/sec)

After 1 hour of an in-game mining, both will have 4 pieces of food that will give them 4 points each. (1 piece of food is mined in 15 minutes on any device.)

Considering the hashing power, let’s say that the first…

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